Nicknames For Best Friends Girls

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some cute nicknames for best friends that are girls?!?

    • ANSWER:
      Giving nicknames kinda happens, or at least in my friendships it has.
      I don't even know your friends names and that doesn't help.
      So instead of a stranger telling you a nickname, think in your heart or remember a funny experience.
      Like my nickname is merv because I wrote my name (merr) ((which is shortened) and my friends thought it said merv.
      Hope if helps

    What are some unique nicknames for two girl best friends?
    Both 13 , blonde , blue eyes , tall , skinny , 7th grade , love sports , and we don't want nicknames that most people use , or any candy names , or food , animals or any of the other stuff people usaully use.

    • ANSWER:
      Try the names from a movie that fits both of you. The fun is that while researching your new nicknames you can hang out and watch a fun movie!

      Good luck!

    funny fake insulting nicknames to call your girl best friend?
    ok i need a funny nickname for my best friend she calls me Sexiyy Bitchh and i need something in that range you know in like storys the girls yell whore! slut! or whatver something like that funny too thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Lol, me and my friends call each other whores and sluts too! Right after we say we love each other.

      I also use "fagnutical whorehead" - a term I completely made up. I also say mamaskeeter if you know what skeeting is. It's like calling someone a mofo, kind of. Dcklicker. Queso Pendejo. Shortstack.

      I can't think of others I say, but hopefully that gives you some kind of idea.

    I want two nicknames for two best friends?
    I need two great names for me and my best girl friend.. help me out and please give me some really cute names please

    • ANSWER:
      Try giving us some more info about the two of you...

      As for me and my friends, nicknames are just inside jokes haha

    nicknames for two girl best friends?
    mee and my best friend are making t shirts for the pep rally and we wanna put corresponding nicknames on the back of each one.She is short, really smart, and quiet.I am tall, not so smart, and outgoing.I have blue eyes, she has brown, i have blonde hair, she has brown.ANY IDEAS?(:

    • ANSWER:

    I need help with girl nicknames for my best friends!?
    Me and my friends are making up nicknames. Im trying to make them fruits. An exception is soap but i already have that.

    Heres the list of nicknames i have allready, but for the ones i have not filled out could you help? Thanksss.

    Sophie = Soap
    Marla = Mango
    Me = Kiwi :]
    Brooke= _____
    Anna=____ (anything but anna bannana)
    Emily= Melon (cuz of her last name)

    It wouldbe awesome if they rhymedd too. K thankssss :]

    • ANSWER:
      Brooke= Brookie Cookie(one girl at school is named Brooke and people call her that)
      Brianna= Bre
      Anna= thinking about one
      Clare= Clare Bear(also a girl at school)
      Nina= Neen?
      Abby= thinking about one
      Kayla= Kay?
      Mia= thinking about one
      Remy= thinking about one

    What are good nicknames for four best friends and two boys?
    Ok so the girls names are Mackenzie, Emily, Jennette, and Charlotte.
    (Charlotte is very artistic) (Mackenzie is really into nature) (Jennette loves to design clothes) (Emily is into dance and sports). The boys names are Mark and Leo)

    • ANSWER:
      4 amigos or three stooges with curly joe too

    What nicknames is the best for me and my best friends?THnnX for helping?
    Look i got two wonderful friends
    We wanna make a team(group)sleepover club but we don't know the name for the club...
    Do you have any idea
    we are funny
    crazzy girls(hhaha)
    than happy lovely best friends

    and some nicknames for each of us
    we had some like
    Me elona sugarplum
    alfnosa chickie
    urtina babycake

    but thay don't work can u find some like this plzz and post them i would grate ful if post some (need some help)and the nicknames have to be like them chickie sugarplum....etc

    help friends

    • ANSWER:
      SLEEPLESS PIXIES. i guess.. it's cute..

    What are some good nicknames for a pair of friends?
    We are girls, best friends, we both have brown hair and brown eyes. We both play softball too.... our names are Catie and Alisa... thx

    (* - *)

    • ANSWER:
      Ali Cat

    Nicknames for two best friends? ?
    I have two best friends and we have the whole shorter-version-of-actual-name-nicknames, but I want something cute and clever for them. We're all 13 and all girls. I know someone who calls her best friend 'hip' because they're joined at the hip, so I wanted something kind of like that.
    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Snap Crackle and Pop

      Tic Tac Toe

    Nickname for group of best friend girls....?
    So there's 9 of us. We're picture perfect BEST FRIENDS. We have monthly sleepovers and go everywhere together and we want a grou p name. Any good ideas? Try the work the word "Nine" in there if ya could! Thankssss :D

    • ANSWER:
      the "NAUGHTY NINE" hahaa

      oh wow

    Best Friend Nicknames>???????
    Best Friend Nicknames>??????????
    Okay so I need nicknames for 4 girls: I need one for me I have Brown Hair and I am silly and two other girls are funny and my other friend has orange hair and she is so HYPER! And we want some cute but funny nicknames for us! GIVE IDEAS Ha and superheroes or anything like that would be good.

    5 minutes ago

    • ANSWER:
      Brownie- Your
      Vitamin C- red hair girl

    Good Nicknames for Best Friends?
    My name is Sidney and I am a girl and his name is Sam and he is a guy. We need nicknames. Any Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Samsonite, sam-ski, sam-sicle, Sham, shammie.

      idk figured you wanted his name tied into somehow.

    Cute names for friends who are girls?
    My best friend Chantel always comes up with the cutest nick names for all of us like "chikadee" "love" "lover" "hottie" "shnookums" "shnookidy" stuff like that. What are some ides for nicknames just like as friends but for friends that are girls?

    • ANSWER:
      I like these: hotsie, bambino, Mozz, buggles, banunu, and boobookinz, anything with kinz at the end sounds cute ^.^ honeykinz(:

    What are some nicknames for my friends?
    So at my basketball team I'm called "Banana" because I wear bright yellow shoes and jacket. I want to give my friends nicknames too. I need nicknames for the following..

    Caleb (he gave me my nickname and he can't like his nickname but it can't be offensive or I could get kicked off the team)

    Jessica (my best friend, also a music lover)

    Kimberlin (another girl on the team, my friend, and also one of the best players)

    • ANSWER:
      Kimberlin can be kobe, I don't know enough about the others. Ifcaleb is short call him pipsqueak, or if hes tall call him lanky

    What is a nickname for my best friend?
    I'm 16 and a guy and I want to call my friend that's a girl somethig other than her name. I want to call her bud, but that's for other guy friends in my mind. What are some generic nicknames for girls?

    • ANSWER:

    2 nicknames for 2 best friends?
    so me and my bff! are thinking of cute nick names to go together because our other ones were steezy and eezy but some other girls had that so we had to change it.
    So we want something cute like that :)
    any ideas??
    thankss :) )

    • ANSWER:
      Try to share the name and that only you two can call each other by that name. That makes it special. There are many symbols of lasting friendships. Some names are:
      Dove, dd

      Try to make a name mixing your two names:
      HINT, make a common letter match the two. For example you two have an s in your name, so you can make it something like this:
      Ro-s-hley ~ Roshley. Since no one has that name, in time you will learn to love it and get used to it. Yet it could only belong to you two. Discourage others to call you or her by that name.

      Another common letter is e but it would stand out to be your name mostly, not good enough mix on the names.
      you could try reversing the names and then come up with a cool name
      which does sound better and will sound sweeter with time.

      Good luck.hope it helps!!!

    Can guys and girls REALLY be best friends? ?
    So i've been best friends with this guy for almost a year now and we always hang out at school and we've chilled at his house a lot. He has been someone who doesn't really like hugs and isn't a huggy person but in the last week we've basicly snuggled aka I just lay close to him with my head leaning on him. And before this he never hugged anyone but he hugged me the past monday which was surprising and ever since hes been hugging me. When we were sitting next to each other basicly our heads were really close together ...and I'm trying to figure out if he likes me or not. When we get off aim at night we always say i love you and we have nicknames for each other. So does he like me?
    I've just been trying to figure out if he likes me. This has been going on for the past three months or so.
    and he said that he would go to my gymnastics meet if i went to his band concert and going ot a meet was something he was not up to doing a month ago

    • ANSWER:
      sure ive had good friends that were girls and had no attraction like that to them...they were like one of the guys, oonly more caring.

      oh and he likes you. if i was that guy i would like you.

    Any suggestions for a nick name for my best friends' girl friend?
    I want a nick name for my best friends' girl friend...
    she has a nickname for me and shes like i should have 1 for her as well....
    but im not getting anything to my mind...

    okay here is the description...
    she's a Cute, small made girl...really friendly and
    (dont worry i dont like her in any unwanted

    any suggestions are welcome...

    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Call her the 8th dwarf, Bitchy.

    Whats a good nickname for your girl best friend?
    Her name is Kathy, and shes Latina, so it can be in spanish (:

    • ANSWER:
      Kata :)

    i need cute nicknames for me and my best friend:)?
    lol my name is Emely and her name is Andrea...if that helps lol

    i noe this girl that did nicknames with her best friends and it was kevin and nick and i thought that was pretty awesumm

    sooooo be as creative as yu'd like :) thnxx!

    • ANSWER:
      I base nicknames not just on maes, but on things the person does.

      i mean "M" and "D" might not cut it

    What are cute nicknames for a girls named Kirby and Nicole?
    My best friend and i are trying to figure out nicknames for each other because we never really can come up with any unique ones. Her name is Kirby Lea and my name is Nicole Rae. We already have
    For Kirby:

    For Nicole
    - Nikky Rae
    - Nicoley oley oley
    -Lyre (pernounced Lier)


    • ANSWER:
      Kirby Lea:
      - KirLea (like Curly xD)
      - K (Kay)
      - K-Lea (like Kayleigh)
      - Kiki

      Nicole Rae: (my names Nicole (nikki) as well so I have a few xD)
      - NikNak/NicNac
      - Nikkers/Niccers
      - Niks/Nics
      - Nik/Nic
      - Cole
      - Nico
      - Nikki T (except you'd use your last initial instead of T xD)

    im best friends with these 2 girls at school. our names are Lauren, Sabrina, and Allison (me). creative names?
    can you think of some creative nicknames for us? no alli, ally, ali, or allie for me please. no lolo for lauren, and no sabby for sabrina. nothing too long, and something that we can actually call eachother by. but there should be some relevance to our names too. thanks!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You can't just give someone a nickname. It should come from a funny experience you guys had together. Random people on the internet that know nothing about you girls, or your personalities, cannot give you guys nicknames that will feel natural to call eachother.

    I have a best friends who name is Brenden but I can't think of any good nicknames for him. Any suggestions?
    I just call him Bree. A girl version of his name lol! But i need a good BOY name for him!

    • ANSWER:
      I also thought about Bree but I didn't know that it is a girl version of this name ihihihih
      MMM...I think you call him Dendy, Brendy,Den,Endy,Bren,Rend,Braide, Brain xD
      But I think that you call him with a "personal and emotional" nickname :) It's better,isn't it??

    What are some hilarious Nicknames, for my 2 close friends?
    They`re both girls, but they`re my best friends!

    I need 2 HILARIOUS nicknames, i mean something that will get everyone laughing histerically!

    [ps. they can be mean, ahah lol]

    • ANSWER:
      i think some funny 1s r

      cookie monster


    Nickname for Girl Best Friend?
    Im a guy and my best friend is a girl, and she always calls me brosky, i need a name to call her, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    good nicknames for a girl and her best friend in my book? help?!?!?
    the girl's name is Fallon. she's sixteen years old and she's friends with a boy named Ashton, and he's seventeen. they both grew up together, so i need a nickname that a six year old and a seven year old would give each other. any ideas? thanksss(:
    both serious or joking would be good(:

    • ANSWER:

    Boyish nicknames for girls? What do you think?
    What are your opinions of them? Do you have any good boy nicknames for girls?

    Do girl nicknames ever work for boys?
    My best guy friend is Matthew, but I call him Mattie. (like Maddie)

    • ANSWER:
      Charlotte > Charlie
      Corinne > Cori
      Robin > Rob
      Miranda > Randy
      Natalie > Nat
      Nicole > Nick
      Benita > Benny (not that anyone's named that anymore)
      Shawna > Shawn
      Jacklin > Jack/Jackie
      Veronica > Ronnie
      Andrea > Andy
      Allison > Al
      Samantha > Sam
      Alexandra > Alex
      Christina > Chris
      Michelle > Mitchie/Mitch
      Sally > Sal
      Danielle > Dannie
      Edna > Eddie/Ed
      Olivia > Ollie
      Josephine/Joanne > Jo/Joey
      Carla > Carl (does anyone actually do that?)
      Ashley > Ash
      Evangeline > Evan

      I like them sometimes. I think Charlie for Charlotte is really cute.

    What is the best nickname for a friend who is a girl?
    I have a very good friend of mine who is a girl and I need some suitable nicknames for her.. but I don't want it to sound like she is my girlfriend. I'm not a native speaker and I don't know the overtones of words like darling, sweetie, my dear, honey, boo, adorable, cutie etc. Thanks for answering.

    • ANSWER:
      Best to stick with her name, but maybe shorten it or jazz it up a bit.

      Just don't call her anything offensive, and make sure she likes the name you give her.

    Does anyone know any names (first and last) with really cool nicknames?
    I am writing a story and I need a girl name for the main character (w/ nickname), a boy for the best friend(w/ nickname), a girl for the popular chick(w/ mean nickname), a mean teacher (w/ mean nickname), a nerd (boy or girl), a sister, the school bully(w/ scary nickname), and a brother.

    • ANSWER:
      hurm..what b0ut..
      main character (yusnaziha/yuna), a boy for the best friend(michael/mikey), a girl for the popular chick(lykirsten/kara), a mean teacher (jennifer/j0ejoe), a nerd (boy:charles/girl:cuppy), a sister, the school bully(yusnazifa/rika), and a brother(yusri)
      it's just an 0pini0n..can u give the add details?
      is this eng/japan/malay/k0rea st0ry?

    Best Friends NICKNAME!?
    OK i have two best friends,
    we do like EVERYTHING together

    we use to go by the tripod until we got yelled out and called bitches and skanks for "stealing" it from another group of girls when we had it first

    so were looking for a group name for all three of us we want to incorporate 3 in it
    so PLEASE HELPP!!!

    • ANSWER:
      three blind mice

    What is the deal with my best girl friend? Friends or more?
    I've known this girl since age 8. We're both 17 now. We are both high achievers, we are both in our school's jazz ensemble...I could go on, just know we have a lot in common.
    We talk a lot, but sometimes she doesn't talk to me so much and seems like she's ignoring me. Why does she do that?
    Anyway, she tells me everything, and she told me once that she trusts me and respects my opinion. We edit each other's essays for school, and I can talk to her like nobody else. She's beautiful and friendly, an amazingly talented, but she has no self confidence. All the boys are on her like white on rice.
    Anyway, last time I saw her was the first week in June. She was crying...first time I've seen that from her, because this girl bullies her (jealousy...girl drama), and I put my arm around her to be, I don't know, supportive. She leaned into me and we just stayed like that for awhile. Later that day, she hugged me goodbye as we parted for summer holiday. We usually don't have physical contact.
    She is the only person I know outside of my family that calls me by nicknames, and we playfully argue a lot. She's hard to read, though, and she has tons of friends so I can't tell if she's just being friendly or if there's something there.
    She's never had a serious boyfriend. What's your opinion?

    • ANSWER:
      Just friends.

    Is it weird to like my best friends brother?
    I am 14 and I have been best friends with this one girl since I was 9. she has a brother that's 2 years younger than me. I am really close with him and all of a sudden I started to like him. I told my friend and she didn't think it was weird. how do I find out If he likes me? cause lately he has acted different around me. when ever I'm at her house he always wants to hang with us and he always talks to me and made this nickname for me. what do you think??

    • ANSWER:

    how is this nickname????? Girls please answer?
    My best girl friend's name is Sierra. I kinda like her, and I want to start calling her something she'll feel special about like so whenever she hears that nickname, she'll think about me. I was thinking about calling her SiSi. How is the nickname and how can i casually start calling her that without it being weird since ive known her for years.

    • ANSWER:

    what nickname is best for a girl? Vote for 10 points?
    ok so me and my best friends recently joined a club and we only have 1 more day to make up our nicknames so i was thinking which nickname is better AngelFace or BabyGurl my friends nickname is Babyjit if you have any ideas what name i can get to make it better than hers then please tell but if you dont just vote AngelFace or BabyGurl
    Ok so the options are now AngelFace, AngelGurl, BabyGurl and BabyFace
    Ok well so far i am really like BabyFace

    • ANSWER:
      Why not mix them up?
      AngelGurl or BabyFace?
      Angeljit is kind of a lame nickname in my opinion =/ So I think that if you went with the two I gave, or the two you gave, you'd have a way better nickname than her!

    nicknames for friends?
    i have a friend that a girl and today she said she wanted me to make a nickname for her since she has one for me.. i have no clue what to say and i am not very good at it. her name is Rebecca
    i don't really want it to be anything with her name in it. just something funny.. she is kinda like a pimp or whatever it is. she thinks she is all that. and i would like something to go around that sorta thing..
    and her nickname for me is Mr. highschooller dude. i am in 12 grade so idk what to call her since she is in 8th haha she is like my best friend.

    • ANSWER:

    What's a good nickname for 3 best friends?
    Our names are Hannah, Falon, & Jay. 2 girls & a guy. we can't use "triad" because that's already taken.

    • ANSWER:
      How about "The frio trio"? (Frio is Spanish for cool)

    So i have a new best friend and we want nicknames. Any suggestions? ?
    We were thinking of something along the lines of:
    Right-hand, Left-hand, better half, diary, backbone, and fav. Just to remind you we're both sixteen(16) year old girls. Therefore we want something cute but not Lesbian-ish (not to be rude), sexy but not too sexy, funny, charming, and something we can call each other equally. PLEASE HELP, WE'VE BEEN THINKING FOR 3DAYS :-( !

    • ANSWER:
      The best nicknames are never the ones that you think of just for the purpose of being a nickname.
      The best ones are always the ones that just pop out of your mouth randomly without thinking about it or a funny "take the mick" kind of name that just ends up sticking. :)

    Nicknames for my best friend and hopefully soon my boyfriend?
    Okay I have known this guy since August, and I know he liked me. He also knows I liked him. But, we never went out because he didn't want to risk our friendship being ruined. So now we are really good friends. We tell each other about guys and girls that we go out with or that we like. I guess we are just staying friends. He has a nickname for me - which is special cookie :) - and now i need to come up with a new nickname for him - my old one for him was blonde dragon. (His name means dragon, and he hates being called blonde so I tease him about that). Any ideas for a new nickname for him? (He is a bad boy, loves the color red, eats food a lot, works out (he's in football).

    • ANSWER:

    Hi! my name is hannah and my best friends name is Kaelah?
    hi my name is hannah and my best friends name is kaelah its just like kayla only spelled diffrent we are ahving a hard time thinking of nick names we are bolth girls what nicknames should we use? i dont want one like nana or hany or han and not like kk or kaylie i want one that is out in the open like sparkles and bubbles and stuff like that okay thanks a lot if you could help if not hten thanks for trying.
    P.S. if you would like to contact me in any way shape or form type an email to thanks bye and also i have another question thatvi will be asking so thanks a lot!
    hannah! bye everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      Dumb and Dumber

    what is that nickname for the ugly best friend?
    what was that nickname people gave to girls who are the ugly friend that the pretty girl gets to make them look better? i think it might be in letters but i cant remember and its driving me crazy!

    • ANSWER:
      I believe the term you are looking for is D.U.F.F., which stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

    What are some cute nicknames For my best friend?
    she is a girl
    and loves lime green

    • ANSWER:

    what is a good nickname for a best friend whose a girl?
    just needa think of one for my friend tamara but it doesnt have to do anything with her name just in general a nickname

    • ANSWER:
      You can't really give someone a nickname I have tried to do that many times but it doesn't catch on. Just wait until something funny, or memorable happens, then it will just come to you!

    How can i help my best friend..she is in a dilema?
    well, Hi everybody..My best girl friend has fallen in love with a boy in her class.They are friends, they went to the sea side,text in other late at night and even gave themselves cute nicknames.They even talk on the phone..It happened that my best friend fall in love with him but when she declared him her love the guy said that she is a good,beautiful and nice gurl. The guy said that the problem come from him he cannot date with my friend cause he is without ambition, he like having fun and loves going in club. Moreover, he said to her that he is too much involved in sport he does not have the time to have a girlfriend. My best friend heart was broken as the guy gave her hope..I've try my best to consolate her and it was not easy.She used to call me late at night saying she's going to kill herself cause she knows that this guy was the one for her..I try my best and she took nearly 5 month to heal her heart..
    After that she met a boy..They started to date together and i didn't opposed myself..Maybe she needed it as she her heart was completely torn in pieces..They are together for now 4 months..She gave me a call this morning saying that the other guy call her and said if she was ready to have sex with him..That it be only body concern no feelings..The guy said that he regrets for having closed his heart and wants to have some nice time with her..
    Now she says she lost, she does not what to do..I've tell her i cal her tonight to help her actually i think if she sleep with the other guy she be considered as a s..t..
    What can i do to help her and avoid hurting her

    • ANSWER:
      They are not in love, haha love is a very strong passionate thing.

    Does my best friend like me?
    So at the end of 6th grade, my team for middle school went on a field trip to New York. I had heard of this guy and never really knew him but I always loved his name. I talked about it, I even named my thing for Yahoo after him even though I didn't know him. So I met him on this field trip. I walked up to him on the second day and and said "Hi Eli!" and he said "Hi! Uh... Anna?" So I corrected him, even though he was pretty close. So we laughed and started talking. After we met were together the whole rest of the field trip. Our friends started skipping and singing that k-i-s-s-i-n-g song about ya know.. trees and stuff. He would help me do things and wouldnt stop until he did it. Like I got one of those glass coke bottles and not even one of the dads could open it. But Eli did. It took him 20 minutes, but he did it. Then on the bus somebody dared me to hug him. So I had to walk to the back of the bus so hug him. I told him it was a dare and he said okay and reached over and hugged me. Not like a "bro" hug with one arm, but both arms, and he stood up. So I doubt it bothered him. We even made up nicknames for eachother. And when Rhyan said I could be a sourpatch for our candy nicknames, he said "No, she's not sour." (looked at me) "You're only sweet. Like a gummy bear. Just sweet." So he's Oreo/Elijah and I'm Gummy Bear/Abbabalashia. Now to get to the point. We're in 7th grade now and we're best friends. We wait for eachother in the halls so we can walk together even though we aren't in any of the same classes. People always ask if he's my brother because we're always together in school. We say stuff like "Your awesome" or "You're the coolest person ever!" Like when I got a letter about some Student Ambassadors program and I told him I would go to Europe with them but I can't afford it. He missunderstood and thought I would move there. So he said "No offence but thank god your not going! Your like, the coolest person ever. Europes to good for you." So it's stuff like that. And I noticed that the other day, when I walked out of science (our 5th period rooms are right across from eachother) that he was looking out the door and tried to wave at me in a way like "Hey wait for me!" Like he was looking up above everybody and raising his eyebrows like he was looking for me. So I got the hint and asked my friend to walk slow for a second. So then Luke behind me, said "Why are you guys moving so slow?" And then Eli ran out of his room and waved to me and caught up with me. Then I said "Cause I'm waiting for Eli! Eli's awesome." and then he and my friend were just like "Oh.." Then we started walking. I'm always late to class because of him!! But it's worth it.
    But he is honestly the sweetest guy I've ever met and I've liked, and if I know what love is, I've loved him since the second I met him. He shows some signs that he might like me. You know, like body language. That kind of stuff interests me. I like to read people. So I would know that some signs are when they see you they raise their eyebrows, or they walk slow with you, or they smile all while they talk to you. They also stare right into your eyes when you talk to them, and they face you when you talk. Those are only the things I've noticed. I would think he likes me but he has a girlfriend. He used to go out with a Lauren. Then he broke up with her for another Lauren. The second Lauren knew how much I liked him, but she really didn't care. He asked her out anyways. He never talks about her or anything though. So now only 3 people know I like him. Me (of course), my best girl friend (who doesn't go to my school) and another girl who is my second best girl frend I guess I could say. But she likes him too.
    So he is my best friend, and I'm his. But I think I'm in love with him. I literally can never stop thinking about him. I dream about him and even though it makes me sad that he has a girlfriend, I can never be sad when I'm thinking about him. He just makes me happy no matter what. I really hate sounding this cheesy.
    But I don't think he and Lauren will last much longer. If/When they break up, should I ask him if he likes me? Or at least let him know? I don't want to ruin our friendship because it's grown quite strong. But I just want to be happy. With him. Also, do you think he likes me? I'm a super tomboy and I really feel lame and girly using exactly 4,995 characters talking about some guy. Especially asking random folks. But I would appriciate it if y'all would maybe give me some advice? Thanks and I wish you all the best. And sorry for wasting your time. I get a little carried away sometimes:) Especially when it comes to Eli (again, I feel girly and cheesy. Especially being such a tomboy.) Cut me some slack? Ha

    • ANSWER:
      Never ending chapter...literally

    I love my best friend, but hes being stubborn!?
    I have been in love with my best friend for two years now. I mean, he walks me to classes, he has little nicknames for me, I go to his house to watch movies and play trivial pursuit, and we have been to the movies together on more than one occasion. Well, being a girl, I finally couldnt take it anymore. I told him how i felt. Everyone i knew, and some people i didnt know told me everyday that he loved me, even his friends told me this. I was pretty sure of this too. But when I told him, he said I was like a sister to him and to try to find other guys. The problem is, I had already tried this the year before, but every guy I found, my best friend would say something like, "Eww why him?" or "You can do so much better than him" and once,"You deserve someone better than him. Hes not good enough. Not for you."
    Well, i talked to him but he wouldnt go out with me.

    Now he has suddenly became obsessed over this girl and has been telling me all about her. This makes me feel even worse, and I told him. But he still does it. Not as much as he did before, but he still does. I know he doesnt mean to hurt me, but he is. And now, my best girl- friend told him how this was making me feel so upset. He flipped out and now my two best friends are mad at each other, and I feel like its my fault!
    So he said some mean things about my girl bff, which made me mad. So my mind says to be mad at him, or to at least forget about him as a boyfriend potential. But my heart and soul still love him. Everyone tells me to follow my heart, but following my heart might make him go against his heart.. I'm really hurt because of all of this and I would really appriciate any suggestions!

    • ANSWER:

    Should I date my best friend?
    My best guy friend has always liked me our whole entire lives. The first time he told me was about three years ago, I didn't like him in that way and had always just seen him as my best friend- so I turned him down. He took it really hard and wouldn't give up, so I decided that the best thing to do would be to ignore him. We didn't talk much for two years. I dated two guys, and he dated a few girls. When my last boyfriend and I broke up I took it really hard and for whatever reason my best friend and I started talking again. This year we became really close again- we're together a lot, we have nicknames for each other, sit together on bus rides, went to prom together (of course he asked in a super cute way), tell each other everything, and people often ask if we're dating.
    Last weekend we were at my neighbor's grad party and stayed until 11 just talking and looking at stars on their trampoline. It was probably one of the coolest things I've ever done, he also told me that night that when he saw me hanging out with another guy it made him jealous.
    This past week my back was messed up and he fixed it for me, and kept tickling me while he was doing it. He always rides home from games and stuff with me (my brother is on his team) and he pulled an old note I wrote him out of his bag and started reading it (he's saved a lot of stuff like that) He's a super sweet guy, he's athletic, loud, hilarious, makes a killer peanut butter sandwich, and would honestly do absolutely anything for me.
    He leaves for the summer on Monday, I'm leaving on Sunday. He messaged me and said we need to hangout before then but I'm super busy and don't have any time- but I'm going to his game Saturday. He told my best girl friend that he wants to ask me out again, but he's scared of being rejected.
    We don't kiss. We don't hold hands (well, once but it was a joke). We hug- but I hug everyone.
    I like him and he's an amazing guy who would never hurt me- and knows everything about me, but I don't want to throw away an amazing friendship and I don't know if I want to start dating someone before they leave for three months. And if we broke up it would crush him, again, and I don't want to hurt him.

    I don't know what to do.
    If you want to know more, ask.

    • ANSWER:

    whats the best earings to show of my ears?
    Well as my nickname says i got big ears. Have tried using hair styles to hide them but they still poke out even from a bob so I've decided to stop trying to hide my ears. My best friend says other girls tease me cause i'm trying to hide them and i should just wear my hair up or even get it cut short and wear earings that highlite my ears as having big ears is a part of who i am. I got them pieced today . . .ouch . . . so i just got tiny gold studs now . . . my friends says i should get some novalty earings to really show them off and tomorrow we are going shopping and maybe i'm evening getting a hair cut . . . a fringe with short back and sides so their will be no more trying to cover them up and people can see that im happy with my ears and happy for people to be interested in them in all their biggness and with fun earings. My friends boyfriend says i look pretty with my hair down and that i might have trouble dating boys. Should i get the hair cut and what types of earings?

    • ANSWER:
      try it with BIG riings or BIG shiny daimonds. what ever it is it shall make ppl see the earings not the ears not that i mean it should cover ur earings just that if they see u they would first see ur earings instead of ur ears aslo it depends on the way they r if the a long, then circle but if the r big from every where then maybe ur earing should be a lil bit even long try it and see how it gets and also i think long hair will help u to make it seem smaller even if they dont much big job but surely they can help a lil bit but if ur tired of it go cut and then enjoy it!

    please suggest me a pair of nicknames for me(guy) and my best friend(girl)

    if they are in rhyme then it would be great

    for example:---- 1pair is """"LOLO and DODO""""

    • ANSWER:
      Dumb & Dumber, Bevis & Butthead, Prick & Dick

    Uncomfortable using nicknames with new friends?
    This may seem kind of odd.. So I'm the "new girl" at my school. I have a group of friends already and they all have nicknames for eachother. For example Cecily is Ceci and Yvonne is Vonny. I'm not really good with nicknames it took me a year for me to call my best friend Livvy (her name is Olivia) and I've known her for 3 years. But I mean I feel weird calling them by their whole names because NOBODY does. Would it be weird calling them by their nicknames, I've only known them a week and a half? Help please

    • ANSWER:
      Use the nicknames even if it's uncomfortable. There is no need to wait for any period of time unless someone says that only their best friends can use their nicknames. (and if anybody does say that, I'd be wary of them from that point on)

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