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WoW Battle Chest on its way

WoW Cooking Guide

Here is a quick summary of what cooking in WoW is about.

Cooking , a secondary skill, is used by all classes as a way to re-gain health. A melee class that cannot do a health regen will need food and want to buy food after combat to re-gain their health points.

If a healers mana is running low they will need food to re-gain health to save their mana. After battle you can choose a still location to regain your health by cooking up some food before going out to grind some mobs again. Meat , eggs and fish can be cooked to restore health and this is very handy when going on raids.

If you want to level your cooking quicker and easier then include fishing as well. You can level up cooking and fishing together easier.

What do you require to start cooking? You should be trained by a trainer, you will require the ability to create fire too, need materials to create a fire such as , wood, flint and tinder and possibly some spices that are required in certain recipes. This can all be purchased from merchants or the AH. You can make a reasonable sum of gold if you sell you cooked recipes to other World Of Warcraft players who might need that specific recipe for a buff. Start cooking your butt off to make your gold. There is an easier way of making gold though , so make sure you checkout my gold making guide here.

About the author: My name is Wayne OS and I have a World Of Warcraft Strategy Guide website called It has all the info,tips and strategies you need to level up professions ,make tons of gold and much more...


Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the WoW Battle Chest come with one month of free game time?
    I used to play WoW way back like a year and a half ago but I lost all my cd keys and my account got banned I never knew why. I have a WoW starter trial and 20 bucks I wanna get the battle chest with WoW classic and BC but I wanna know if it comes with the first month free because I only got 20 bucks to spend until my next pay check.

    • ANSWER:
      The Battle Chest comes with "Vanilla" WoW, which indeed does come with 30 days free.

    can i start playing as a draeni or blood elf right away if i have the WoW Battle Chest?
    i got WoW battle chest (and both games are on 1 CD, so they r both installed already) and i was wondering,scene they're both already installed, if i could just make one. but i tried and it says i need to have TBC first (which i just said, is already installed because theyre both on the same disc.) so y wont it let me make a draeni or blood elf?

    • ANSWER:
      Make sure that you submitted both the CD keys when you registered your account. The only reason you would be having this problem is if you didn't register the TBC key.

    Can i use a WoW battle chest code for a regular membership?
    I bought a battle chest for the burning crusade expansion in world of warcraft because it was a better deal, but i already had a regular account. Can i give the code to a friend so he can have an account too? Please answer.

    • ANSWER:
      If you mean just the vanilla WoW code, then yes. But he would still need to set up a payment option afterwards.

    how much does WoW battle chest cost in canadian dollars?
    im on the trail right now, and i like the game alot so im gonna go and buy the battle chest (Normal and burning crusade) but i was wondering how much it costs, i live in montreal, its 39.99$ american is it more here?

    • ANSWER:
      about 40.00 yeah your right

    I just bought the WoW battle chest. Can I use the free month of game play on my trial account?
    I have a trial acc that just expired. I know I can upgrade the trial account but can I use the free month of play in the battle chest for it?

    • ANSWER:
      Only if you use the Authentication Key for World of Warcraft that came with your Battlechest to upgrade your trial account to a retail account. After you have successfully upgraded then the 30 days is credited to the account.

      It is not possible to extend the play time of a trial account. The only way to continue those characters is to upgrade it.

    Can I use the WoW Battle Chest to get a free month on an existing account along with using expansion pack?
    I have an account with a level 60. I want to buy the Burning Crusade but also want to save money. Does the WoW Battlechest come with a free month that an existing account can use. I saw some people say only for trials and some say anyone can use. So can I use a free month?

    • ANSWER:
      No. I made the mistake of thinking when I brought the expansions that you would get a free month added to your current account. Now the only way to get a free month is by using a scroll of resurrection on a account closed for 3 months and the person who owns the account paying for at least one month and by using the Refer A Friend program. I've done the RAF twice and have 2 free months.

      If all you want is the BC you can go to your account page on blizzard's site and upgrade to BC for 29.99

    WoW battle chest, how to activate free month?
    Hello all,
    Earlier today I bought WoW battle chest and it said that it came with a free month.But 6 hrs later when ever I try doing anything that requires a paid account it says that the feature isnt available in the free version. Does this just automatically update and its just taking a long time or do you need to activate it some how?

    • ANSWER:
      Once you install the game you have to activate your account on Once you do that you have to tie a payment method to the account. They will not charge you for the first month.

    Whats the difference in upgrading to the WoW battle chest and upgrading all the way to Cataclysm?
    (besides the difference)
    Whats the difference in-game if you just get the battle chest?
    Im currently using the up to 20 trial so. Would getting the battle chest and paying to play make the gameplay any different, besides the level cap?

    • ANSWER:

    If i buy the WoW battle chest at gamestop will i have to bring an adult?
    I am just asking before i go there and look like a fool...will I have ta bring an adult to go buy WoW (rated T) i am 14 so im not shur if they ganna let me buy it alon or with an adult?

    • ANSWER:
      No, you don't need to bring an adult. GS only checks when you're buying an M rated game, and even then, unless you look really young, they don't even bother checking for an ID.

    Does the WoW battle chest come with a trial?
    I was just asking since I played the 10 day trial and I want to get the full version. But I was wondering if I have to buy the card as well as the chest or does it already come with a few days?

    • ANSWER:
      it does come with a 1 month free play time but to activate that you have to buy game time either by credit card or game card

    If I buy WoW battle chest do I still have to play monthly?
    Im not sure if this is true, Ive read somewhere somehow that you dont have to pay monthly. Is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      You get a month free then you have to start paying monthly after that.

    Will the game time card that comes with the WoW battle chest apply to an account that was a trial?
    I have a trial account now and liking it a lot and i wanted to know if i have to start a new account or something, I'm new to blizzard and how its account management works, any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think a game time card comes with the WoW battle chest. If you buy the battle chest it comes with WoW and WoWBC and yes you can upgrade your trial account with the key codes and you get a free month to start.

    If I buy the WoW battle chest could i give my friend the original game and I keep the two expansions?
    Or does it only come with one access key?

    • ANSWER:
      The main thing you are buying when you buy an account is the access key. If you game your friends the disk, you'd be giving them what they can use to put the game files on their computer (which you can do via downloading anyways), not an actual new account.

      If you could give your friends their own accounts, Blizzard wouldn’t make as much money, and it would be the equivalent of stealing a copy of the game off the shelf.

    If i were on a trial account and bought WoW battle chest would i get the free month?
    Because im on a trial and im about to buy Battle Chest here soon and am afraid i wont get the free month with buying BC from Gamestop.
    Thank you guys. im actually going to get it today..
    And thank you Reid :)

    • ANSWER:

    WOW subscription ,was there supposed to be a card with the battle chest?
    my dad bought me a WOW battle chest today (he thought a mmorgless 17 year old programmer didnt sound right ) and i was wondering is there supposed to be a subscription card in there i thought there would be at least 30 days with it

    • ANSWER:
      That's what I thought, but no there isn't. It turns out you automatically get the first month free anyway without having to do anything. In your battle chest you should find:

      - World of Warcraft (Disc and Registration Key).
      - World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade (Disc and Registration Key).
      - Strategy and Information Guides for both games.
      - Various other leaflets.

      This game is great fun, you can't beat the n00bie experience of the game. Many players wish they could have them days back. Be careful though, it can become very addictive. There seems to be some sort of space-time continuum with this game; one hour of play relative to you is actually more like four hours back in the real world hehe.

      By the way, your dad sounds very laid back. I'm a 20 year old programming student myself but my dad was always against me getting the game.

      Happy WoWing.

    Activating one month free in wow battle chest?
    HOw do i activate it without a credit card?

    • ANSWER:
      Just adding to what was stated above me, you will need a card to play even with the free month. If you do not have a credit card your only other option would be to buy a pre-paid game card from walmart or gamestop or some place similar. You can then add that card to your account on the games website and it will allow you to bypass the credit card registration.

    If i buy WoW battle chest, and the 2 expansions do i need to download patches in between installing all games?
    The patches are so big so i was hoping i could save a little time by just installing all 4 and was hoping each patch was contained on one of the discs.

    • ANSWER:
      You will have to bare with the computer as for it is required to indivdually install each patch. It will most likely take a day for everything to be okay and ready to play! Surprisingly the newer Cataclysm patches are big but they took only 10 minutes for me to install.

    WoW Battle Chest - Use keys on different accounts?
    I received the battle chest as a gift however I only needed the Burning Crusade key for my account. Can I give the other code, the original WoW key, to a friend to use? It hasn't been used yet. Are there any problems with doing this, legal or otherwise?


    • ANSWER:

    What is the advantage with buying wow battle chest? ?
    is it in any way better then buying them separately?
    besides the cool box do i get anything else?

    • ANSWER:
      You get the guide books. You also save 10 bucks. WoW costs 20 bucks, and the Burning Crusade costs 30 bucks. The Battle Chest is 40 bucks.

    Should I get WoW or Battle Chest pack?
    I'm a noob, and my trial expired. Should I get the original WoW for or the battle chest for . I love the game, or hopefully I do. And the original gets one month free. Does battle chest get one month free? Also whats the difference between original and battle chest. Will the graphics look a lot better with battle chest. Does the game look differently for every person that has a different package?

    • ANSWER:
      There's no difference in the games, it's just a bundle to save money. I doubt it gives any free time, but it should say on the box.

    will WoW battle chest work if i dont have a dvd drive?
    i want to buy battle chest but my comp doesnt have a dvd drive and i heard that the disks are dvd disks. please help. o and dont ask if i live with my mom im 13 my avatar is just weird like that

    • ANSWER:

    WoW battle chest has any playing time?
    okay, so me and my friends wanna play WoW but we found out we need a authentication key to make an account so we decided to buy the battlechest... but before that, i want to know, does the battle chest include any free months of WoW or do i have to buy the battlechest AND a prepaid card to play??
    also, are there burning crusade prepaid cards? or are they all the same?

    • ANSWER:
      World of Warcraft comes with a free month. I believe you will have to enter a creditcard when you activate it. After you are up and running, go back to account management and remove the creditcard info.

      Game cards work with Burning Crusade as well.

    I am trying to install the WoW Battle Chest, but i keep getting Burning Crusade coming up first, not vanilla?
    Vanilla = Original World of Warcraft.

    I am currently downloading the BC part of the disk right now... without downloading the vanilla...? i dont even know how this is possible lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Check the disc. Open the CD and see if it has a separate folder for wow and one for BC. try to run the install from there.

    wtf is with WOW battle chest on the box it says the first month is free but it doesnt work?
    wtf is with WOW battle chest on the box it says the first month is free but when i try to creat an accont it asks for a payment plan ??

    • ANSWER:
      Subscriptions do require that some form of payment information (such as a credit card) be entered before the account can be activated. At this time there is no way around this. This is required in case account play extends over 30 days, so that gameplay will not be disrupted. It also prevents customers from creating "throwaway" accounts to harass others.

      Of course, please keep in mind that you are not billed for the first month of the game. Thus, if you want to set up your account immediately, you can use a credit card. Then you can easily change your payment method at any time during your free month, before your paid subscription starts.

      NOTE: If you initially set up the account with a credit card, but want to switch to use only a prepaid game card, you must cancel the credit card subscription manually on your Account Management page. Otherwise, when your prepaid game card runs out, the credit card subscription will begin and the credit card will be charged.

    what all come on a WoW battle chest?
    im bout tu buy the WoW battle chest and i would like to know wuts in it

    • ANSWER:
      In the chest is WoW the game, which comes with a 30 day free trial when you make the account.
      Also you get the 1st Expansion the Burning Crusade.
      Also you get 2 stratergy guides.


    WOW Battle Chest Digital Copy?
    I need to buy the burning crusade expansion and i was wondering if the digital copy of the wow battle chest for on came with the burning crusade expansion

    • ANSWER:
      You don't need to buy the Burning Crusade expansion.

      "In addition, anyone who owns the original World of Warcraft, regardless of when they purchased the game, will automatically be able to access all of the content and features from The Burning Crusade expansion at no additional cost. It’s time to set forth from Azeroth, adventurer -- Outland awaits!"

    What's the difference between WoW's battle chest and 60 day cards?
    World of Warcraft noob question;
    I know battle chest games are expansions, but can you play it unlimitledly? Or do you need days to play it? And if you have the battle chest games and can't play it unlimitledly, what happens when you run out of days? ...Help?

    • ANSWER:
      The battle chest is just expansions, no game time. Game time is always bought separately. if you run out of game time, nothing really happens except you cannot log onto WoW. you could wait for how ever long you want to buy more game time and then you simply just continue playing. nothing is deleted or anything.

    WoW Battle chest problem?
    ok i just bought the WoW battle chest for 40 bucks and as soon as i put in the disk it says "disk is not formatted" and i have done EVERYTHING THAT BLIZZARD HAS TOLD ME TO DO! it just wont pop up i have de fragged checked disk and even returned the chest twice to be sure it wasn't faulty so does ne1 have ne idea why this is happening? or how to stop it?

    • ANSWER:
      doesn't matter, just goto the site setup your account and download the client from your account management page.

    The authentication codes for my WoW: Battle Chest are missing.?
    I bought it from Wal-Mart, and I bet you guys know about their crappy return policies. I already opened the little disc sleeves and if they deny my return, what do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      The codes are on the sleeves.

    What exactly does the WOW battle chest include?

    • ANSWER: will have all the info you need. If I remember correctly, it has Warcraft I, II and III in it. It does not have WoW if that is what you're looking for. I think it has the ability to get the free trial but that is about all.

    wow battle chest help?
    hi i just bought the wow battle chest today when i was looking for the cds it only had the burning crusude cover disk with disc 2 on both of them is it sussope to be like that?

    • ANSWER:

    Odd WoW Battle Chest?
    My classmate bought a WoW battle chest and installed it and patched it up to cata but how come he cannot play as Bloodelf,Draenei,Goblin or worgen but he has the new class combinations like Troll druid and tauren paladin,weird tho ,He only bought the WoW battle chest that comes with Vanilla and TBC

    • ANSWER:
      Those races are with Wrath of the Lick King and Cataclysm respectively. You need the whole thing to play them. The new combos are ok since they were around from the beginning.

    Can i return WoW battle chest to target?
    the packaging comes in a box, there is no plastic wrapping like on normal games. There is like tape on either end to keep it shut. I cut one of the tapes so it can be open, if i retape it or sumthing and try to return it for store credit will they let me? will they reopen the box and stuff or something. will they find out i opened it and call security :O
    i dont have a receipt, and i dont want it

    • ANSWER:

    Help with WoW battle chest!?
    Okay so ive been looking around and trying to get a striaght answer but every1 is not going straight forward, so if i buy a WoW battle chest, will the codes inside remove me from being a trial and get me 30 days? i know i get WoW and WoWBC from it, i just want to know if im going to have to buy a game time card along with the battle chest. Thanks 2 every1 for the answers

    • ANSWER:

    WOW Battle chest ??????????????
    i have a trial account and planing on getting the battle chest i know the original WOW gives me a free month of play but if i upgrade to the BC will i no longer get to keep the free month of play

    • ANSWER:

    WoW Battle Chest question! :( ?
    I downloaded the entire Battle Chest CD (It only came with one), and downloaded patch 3.2.0 after it was installed, which happened automatically, and now when I try to play it, the game is just the wrath of lich king gameplay and I can't access any of the Draenei or Blood Elves because it says I haven't upgraded to burning crusade, even though I've set up my subscription payments and says I've upgraded to the burning crusades!!

    Help. :(

    • ANSWER:
      unninstal everything then instal it again

    WoW Battle Chest Question!!?
    In the WoW Battle Chest do you get 2 or 4 months for free? Or do you have to buy gamecards?

    • ANSWER:
      You only get one month free when you activate a new account. You will need either a credit card or game card to activate the account as well.

      Note, you cannot use the free month on an existing account.

    What's Wow, Battle Chest compromised of?
    The original, and the crusades. What's the other two things, would they be useful. I bought the original but don't know if I should open it yet because what if battle chest is better.
    60 days card, seriously? You mean free play? Also is the strategy useful? I already did trial, should I return original and get battle chest. It's just original was cheaper lol.
    Does Battle Chest get 30 day trial?

    • ANSWER:
      you get a strategy guide for the two games i would get the bc over just the normal

    WoW battle chest question!?
    if i buy a WoW battle chest and im a trial will that make me like un-trial? or would i need to get do something else?

    • ANSWER:

    just purchesed wow battle chest and need help some 1 help plz?
    i just bought the wow battle chest and ive gone to create a account ive gotton up to the paying method and now i donno what i i have to do cant seem to find the cd key to get my months play i tryed the autriseation code for it but it didnt work it sez on the back of the box there is a month code but i donno im prob looking in the wrong place can some 1 plz help me allso where am i ment to put the code its only got game card

    • ANSWER:
      Wait a second,
      so you're to the payment method?

      The aunthentication code has already been used in the first step to
      ensure that you have bought the game and are starting a new account.
      You automatically get a free months play when you finish creating
      you account. From what I remember when I made my account (a
      few years ago) is that you need a credit card number to sign up with.
      You do not get charged, but it is just for verification. I could be wrong
      as this may have changed, but otherwise I dont know what you mean,
      you weren't very clear :)

      Good luck!

    If I got the WoW Battle chest? *pts for best answer*?
    I am new to WoW, by new I mean really new - just downloading the 10 day free trail now. If I like it I want to buy the game CD and an account. I want to purchase a bundle pack... searched amazon and found this battle chest thing:

    Will i be update to date on expansions exluding the new cataclysm thing or whatever? If there are other expansions not included in this box set which ones are they, hows much extra are they, are they important or needed? and also can I play with my buddies in europe if I live in canada? They play european region server on 'Eonar' or something


    • ANSWER:
      You'll still need Wrath of The Lich King then of course the new one that's out in a couple of weeks.If you play on American servers you can't play on european wow,you'd have to buy the european wow and be able to pay for that with time cards or whatever.Its possible though,just difficult.

    HELP!! Unable to patch WoW after installing world of warcraft and burning crusade off the WoW battle chest?
    I install both world of warcraft and burning crusade off the WoW battle chest i bought, but then when i try and play te burning crusade or world of warcraft it downloads the new patch and then makes me install burning crusade again, and after about 2% of downloading burning crusade again an error message appears saying that Install Tome 2 cannot be read or something? this happens every time, and i can't play WoW, PLSSS HELP thnx :)

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a few things to try then try to patch again, have chkdsk scan the hard drive for errors and correct them, tome 2 could be on a bad sector, then degrag then try again. I have had this problem myself. You might want to get a program for cleaning the drive of junk like crapclearn, also too get a program that checks the hard drive health.

    Why is the World Of Warcraft Battle chest less price than the normal game itself?
    I was wondering why the WOW battle chest is cheaper than the original game. Also I would like to know if I buy the battlechest instead of the original game if I could use its code to upgrade my 20 level starter edition?

    • ANSWER:
      It's cheaper if you bundle, the Battle chest is like a deal. If you get the game your level 20 starter will still be there and you just get to level him because you have the actual game.

    Can I return or exchange an open World of Warcraft Battle Chest to Wal-Mart?
    I just bought the WoW Battle Chest and it was opened. I took it home and it was missing the activation codes for the game and I was wondering if I can return it or exchange it. All of their world of warcraft boxes are opened and most likely tampered with. I still have the receipt too.

    • ANSWER:
      walmart has become sticlers, and each walmart has there own rules

      the one in my town, says NO WAY to your issue, but if i got 20 mins away, theres wil say sure, exchange only for same product.

      best thing for WOW is to contact Blizzard via phone or email.
      talk to them tell them u bought this game.
      you wil probably have to show them your receipt and serial off outside box etc. they wil be able to look at the cd keys that were supposed to go to that box. and go from there.

    Hey I got WoW battle chest, what's up with the free month?
    The box says first month free, but when you create an account, it asked for a payment method, do you have to buy a pre-paid card?, and if so WTF!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If you do not have (or wish to enter) a credit card number or a code from a pre-paid card, you can use the following Authentication Key to create your account:

      When using this Authentication Key, you will *NOT* be prompted for any payment information. After creating your account, login to the Account Management page at:

      Once logged in, there will be a clearly marked space for you to enter your Retail Authentication Key to credit your first free month to your account. This would be the World of Warcraft Authentication Key that came with your World of Warcraft Battle Chest; you'll be able to enter the Burning Crusade Authentication Key after you complete this step.

      To enter your Burning Crusade Authentication Key, simply select the "Upgrade Account" link on the Account Management page or visit:

      If you use this this process to create a new account, at no time are you required to enter a credit card number or a code from a pre-paid card in order to obtain your first free month.

      Welcome and do enjoy your stay!

    if i buy a wow battle chest and give wow to my freind and i keep wow BC will it still upgrade my acount to BC?
    or will i have to buy burning crusades again

    • ANSWER:
      Assuming you already have a legit full WoW account, yeah, you could do that.

    WOW battle chest?
    how much can i expect to pay for the battle chest?

    • ANSWER:
      40 dollars get it it is cheap and comes with manuals

    i got the WoW Battle Chest but i cant instal it on my mac? i put in disk one but nothing opens, is it cause...?
    is it cause i have the trial installed? is that the full version? do i uninstal it and then try installing this one? or what? im kinda confused

    • ANSWER:
      Probably is the trial. I don't have the link on hand but, If you are a Blizzard subscriber, just google "wow full client download" and somewhere in Blizzard/Battlenet is the full game download for owners of an account. Make sure you delete the trial version and if you have Norton like me, save yourself a headache and uninstall it before installing wow. Just reinstall norton afterwards lol

    WoW Battle Chest HELP...?
    People, I need help. I am planing to buy World of Warcraft Battle Chest but it says it has a serial key for two weeks playing. Now, I don't understand. Why I can't play more if I bought it?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the WOW battle chest?
    what is that battle chest that contain one classic and one expansion? i know you need update code for the expansions, but do you need update code for the classic? i paid 20$ activate my account yesterday, and i have this client i download online, do i still need the classic installed on my pc? if not, i only have to buy all the expansion's and install them on my pc , right? and guys, can i buy those expansions from Amazon or ebay? or is it cheaper just go to Best Buy and buy it form there?
    no one answer>?

    • ANSWER:

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